How to prioritize & focus on what really matters? Simple performance exercise

How to prioritize & focus on what really matters? Simple performance exercise

Every human being has a hard time to prioritize and focus. Even us, coaches, of course.

Today, feeling overwhelmed with all that I have to do, I decided to give an app that has been on my list a try. “”. I’ll be using it for a while and can give your more info later. I downloaded it into my phone but I prefer to upload the info from my laptop in their web version since they are both synced.

If you prefer, you can just use “evernote” or a notebook. As long as you read it each morning and each night and every time you’re feeling like, “what is it that I should be doing now? I have so many things to do that I don’t know which one to do first”…

So, before you start listing your tasks into, really ask yourself: “what is it that I am working towards achieving in my life?” or in other words, “what is my mission? my purpose?”. Write that down into your Evernote or note book.

Then, the next thing to ask yourself  is “what can I do today, that will get me closer to reaching that mission I have?”.  This will help you identify tasks that you’ve been spending time on that  are distracting you and not getting you where you really want to be.  Maybe “calling a person I love” is not an important daily task for your mission in life, but for others it could be.  Or “going out with friends”. Or “working out”. But these could all be things that are getting one closer to their purpose because they are empowering, making one mentally healthier and fun be around.

We tend to get distracted by so many unimportant things throughout our day, that this daily exercise of checking the boxes of the things we listed as being important pieces to complete our “puzzle of life”, can be precious. And a place where we can visualize what we have accomplished or not before going to bed, so our “tomorrow can be even better than our today was”.

It took me some time to build my list in the “” website (or you can use the app if you prefer to type from your phone) but I think that long term it will be worth doing. And I’ll get to know my self a bit more.

Also, try to analyze what, in your list, could help all the other things become easier once completed. Put that one first.

Remember, baby steps. Don’t try to include anything too big as a daily task. Instead of 10 pages of a book, to start, put in “read one page”. Once you sit down to get that one page read, you might just feel like reading 10 pages. And if you get one page read, that’s a happy “check” on your list 🙂

You can always go back and edit your form. You can delete or add things according to how your objetives change.

Would love to hear how it works for you!

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