How to triple your income the “healthy” way?

How to triple your income the “healthy” way?

As a career coach, my job is to help my clients create action plans to achieve their professional goals and more than that, my job is to make them stick to those actions and plans.

The best way I can achieve that is by experimenting everything before I include it in their program and plans. If I can achieve something, it’s usually true that they can, too. Because I’m slow, trust me. That’s how I started meditating and journaling every morning, or podcasting or blogging and so forth.

So now it’s time to experiment tripling my income in a year, so I can then share this new tool with my clients.

I have been in a “financial comfort zone” for the past 2 years since I reached the income I needed to pay for my minimalist digital nomad life. And I haven’t worried too much about saving because my business is run 100% on word of mouth, which means I have put zero effort into marketing, yet. Not that I’m proud of this. As a business person I’m sure I should be a bit more ambitious and financially aware. I always tell my clients to “do what I tell them, not what I do” in terms of marketing or saving, at least. It does make one proud though, to know all clients come from results instead of these crazy digital marketing strategies and funnels we see today. I have been more worried about filling up my “savings account” with amazing experiences I am collecting by changing countries every 3 months. So I’m confident that when I decide to finally put some energy into marketing my Career Coaching services or my Online English School, we will come from a very well founded business.

I have been slowly building a team of people I love to work with and I think it’s time to get more clients to make them happier to be working with me. I got an email from one of them earlier this week saying he wants to increase his income and that made me realize how much I want and need them to feel they are in their “financial comfort zone” as well. They are not my employees. We all have our own small business mindsets and we partner up and pay each other by the hour. As any partnership to work well, it must be a “win-win” situation for all involved. Since I have put no effort in marketing yet, I think it’s time. So let’s get to work.

The first thing I’m going to do to triple my income (and increase my team’s income by domino effect) is to stay longer in those places where I feel more productive. As you know, out of the 7 countries I lived in the past 3 years, I have chosen Spain and Thailand as my two favorites. So I’m planning on spending most of my time from now on in Chiang Mai and Barcelona. Traveling to different places is inspiring and triggers my creative mind but I I need to stay longer in one place to produce better. That’s one of the million things I’ve learned about myself since I started my nomadic life.

The second thing I’m going to do is to contact each of my clients and ask them 2 simple questions. The first one will be “Are you happy with our services and your results?”. I’m quite confident they are because I always ask them for feedback. That’s one of the good things about having a small business, you still have time to talk to each of your clients on a regular basis and give them personalized treatment. So, if that’s true, and they do answer this first question positively, I will ask them the second one: “If I asked you to name 3 friends of yours who need Career Coaching and 3 other friends who need Online English Classes, for me to offer them a free first session with my team and I, would you take the time and help me with that?”.

If I have done my job and given them what they are paying me for, I’m confident they will help me out.

The third thing I’m going to do is to stop being so perfectionist and start publishing the amazing interviews I have been collecting for my podcast on “Exciting Careers” even before launching my new website. Because I’m sure that when I start sharing this work that I’m keeping just for myself, people will see how much I love what I do. It’s ok that my website is not perfect. It’s ok. Just let it go, right?

So that’s it. I could make a long list of things I could do to triple Maxi’s income. But let’s keep it simple. 3 is always a good number. Once these 3 are accomplished, I’ll come back and tell you how it worked for me. I promise. And then I’ll be more confident to give my coaching clients this exercise for their businesses to grow healthy, as well. Total transparency is always a good way.

Wish me luck!

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