Why did I take so long?

Why did I take so long?

Some people say we should not talk about what we want to do. We should just be silent and do it. Well… I agree partially. Because the energy you spend talking about it could be used in doing it faster. No doubt about it.

In my case though, I must confess that talking about my projects forces me to make them happen later on. Once I verbalize it, it’s almost like “I have to honor the value of my words” to those I shared them with.

I might take a few months or even years but I have to do it! Talking about my goals kind of prepares the ground for them, gives me time to mature the process, observe how I really want to do it, who I want to invite to be part of it and so on.

It was like this when I first started talking about selling my language schools and leaving my hometown. It took me years to get it done. But I finally did. Same thing when I said I wanted to leave Brazil and work abroad. Same thing with my MBA… and so forth.

First and most of all, I am slow. And new projects are something I do in my free time, when I’m not working with my Coaching clients or with my online English school where my income comes from.

Being 41, I did not come equipped with this gene of younger generations where they can build a website or laugh a podcast in a day. I wish…

Second, I am a perfectionist, which is terrible, I know. I wish I could just do it and publish it like many smarter digital friends I have. With my podcast for example, I wanted to offer my Brazilian followers the transcript of each interview, for them to be able to read and listen if their English was not that good, yet. So I had to find the person to do the transcripts for me. And a person who charges a price I can pay. I also wanted an “intro” done by an audio professional. Another professional… I hired them but did not like the final product. So I had to find another one… All over again… Then I needed help to edit the audio of the full interview. Another person… I took audio editing classes because some friends told me it was so easy and I could do it myself and save this expense, but it was just too much for me… Then I needed a cover page, then a Libsyn account to host the audio files. Then I noticed the audio quality of the interviews I did in person was not good, so I had to buy professional equipment that fit in my backpack… and the story goes on and on… not to mention that with my digital nomad life and so much to explore, my free time to work on new projects is very reduced.

Imagine when I’m a single mom, ohhh jeez. Help me God.

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