My first blockchain experience. What I learned & how decentralization is the new keyword.

My first blockchain experience. What I learned & how decentralization is the new keyword.

Decentralization. That’s the new keyword. Decentralized companies, economies, governments and power, applied to all things. Last week I finished my first IOT-Blockchain Camp at Innsomnia. It was a five-day course. Actually, it was a three-day course followed by a two-day hackathon, which allowed us to be challenged and put into practice what we had learned. Blockchain has made technology more democratic than ever.

Sponsored by companies that are already making it happen with this technology such as Ambrosus, Chain of things, Climatecoin,, Blockchain for Humanity, Sismotur, Helvetia Fintech, Genobank, I learned a lot.

I will be doing a few interviews on the podcast to share some of the stories that inspired me there, soon. Such as the story of Daniel Uribe, a Mexican entrepreneur, who after graduating from Stanford, decided to invest his time in Genobank, a startup to decentralize the DNA study. And David Ortega, founder of Dekalabs, a Valencia-based company that is selling blockchain services to different parts of the world.

We were 52 people from various countries and interests. More than half of us there with no technical background, just curious to learn more about how we can apply it to business projects. The few who really know how to solve the technical part of things seem to have a very prospective future ahead. So if you’re into programming, go ahead and make your move towards learning how to implement blockchain solutions because you will be ahead of the game.

If you don’t know what blockchain is, I suggest you take a few hours to read and learn the basics because it seems like it can be as big in importance to our civilization as the internet was. Blockchain is one key component of a much bigger technical solution. And it has made technology more democratic than ever. Making it very simple, the Internet gave free, easy, clear, real-time access to information to all of us. They made it so easy to get information, that we are feeling now how exposed an unprotected we can be. Scandals such as the “cambridge analytica” Facebook case have shown us how much we have no idea of how powerless we are and how dangerous this centralized world can be.

Blockchain can now give us the power to control our information and our lives again. It can do this, by decentralizing it all. Its first and most popular use was Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency. We saw how afraid the traditional financial system got, from not knowing what this solution can do. Each person being able to control their own money, safely, with transparency in a huge network of interested people protecting each other, instead of our long known financial monopolies.

Finance, healthcare, media, government, smart cities, energy, tourism, transport, health, sport and other sectors should get ready and find innovative uses for their services will soon not be centralized by a few institutions anymore. Each individual will have the control over their own information, for example, “how to apply blockchain to our DNA study”, was my challenge in this training. How can we make much smarter contracts to protect what is ours?

I’m so happy to see Valencia, the city I chose to live in, is taking the time to organize this kind event for us, attracting so many interesting speakers, sponsors, and entrepreneurs. A special thanks to Enrique Melero and Manuel Sales.

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