Politics? Don’t panic. Just travel ?

Politics? Don’t panic. Just travel ?

Chiang Mai, Nov 11, 2016

Politics? Don’t panic. Just travel ?

I honestly am no expert in politics and have no intention to be. The more I know politics, the sicker I feel, for all of us, humans, to be part of this weak race. Oh man. If we could at least clone a few more Angela Merkels around…

We never even have good candidates. Not in Brazil, nor in the US, nor in most countries. We always have to chose by the “who will cause less damage” principle. And since the majority who usually vote around different countries are the ones who don’t have the money or culture to travel the world and learn with the differences, good results and changes are difficult.

I always thought that for a person to become a politician, of any layer, first they should be required to travel the world for at least 3 years, learning how different countries, developed or not, solve their problems.

The worse part is to know that the politicians reflect the societies they represent. It’s like the egg and the chicken. You never know who started it. As an example, I’ll use my own country that I love so much and that I was practically forced to leave since I want the freedom of walking in the streets without being afraid of being mugged or pointed a gun to. I don’t mind paying taxes, as long as the government provides me good public transportation, public education for my kids, public health for those who need it and live around me. So, is the government in Brazil corrupt and totally inefficient? Oh yes. And so is our society with everyone trying to get back what the government has aggressively stolen from us every way we can, without ever giving us anything back.

The interesting part is that, with internet and social media, more and more people are getting informed and interested in traveling the world. It’s so much cheaper than it used to be. You can spend so much less and BE so much more by traveling the world for a while instead of just working all your life within your borders to pay the mortgage, save up for the kids’ college and for retirement.

With more information available, people are realizing It’s more about sharing, connecting, learning and experiencing with people who are different from us. This is what truly opens our minds and helps us see and feel things more clearly. This is how we can then change the world. First we leave our couches, our TVs and our neighborhoods. Then we travel for long periods of time, different countries, interact with different people and observe. Bring our families with us, if possible. Listen. Look outside our boxes!

The good news is that with this digital future, more and more people are being able to work remotely, traveling and making money at the same time. Entire families are doing that, together. I have met many myself. Choosing where they want to live, register their business and pay their taxes. It’s getting easier and easier. And it’s happening faster than you can even imagine because everyone was sick and tired of feeling like a prisoner.

The number of “digital nomads”, who also learn to be minimalists once they learn how little they need in their backpacks, is exploding everywhere, here in Thailand my coworking now has 6 times more people than last year, all westerners.

Hopefully, more and more people will get clarity on what’s really going on, beyond their limits. So my fellow Americans, Brazilians, British and so forth… don’t panic. Just travel ?

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