Digital Business Coaching. New projects ahead! Celebrating in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Digital Business Coaching. New projects ahead! Celebrating in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Oct 20, 2016, koh samui

In a few hours, Lucia, the first coaching client to join me in my new program (1) “Live Intensive Coaching” and I will be going into a 7 day silence retreat here in Koh Samui island in Thailand.

I couldn’t be in a better place to celebrate some new projects.

I hate myself in videos, always think they turn out too long, but decided I should give it a try from now on to try to share some of these amazing places I work from with you guys.

New projects:

1- Live Intensive Coaching program
2- Exciting Careers Podcast,
3- Website ( and first draft of my ebook,
4- Barcelona Digital Business Conference in July /2017 🙂

2- The PODCAST is where I interview people I meet while traveling the world, who have exciting careers and inspire me in so many ways. Hope their stories inspire you, too!

I recorded the first podcast interview with Paula Pimenta, Brazilian best selling author, around 9 months ago and since then, have been doing around 2 interviews per month.. have never had so much fun!

3- The new WEBSITE with the first draft of a free EBOOK I wrote with “5 first steps to start a digital business” .

Might not be a big deal for many who do these things so easily, but for me, being 41, meaning my generation has not come equipped with a “digital gene” as the millennials do, doing most my own website is special.

4- The first “Barcelona Digital Business Coaching Conference” in July/2017 is coming up, I already got the confirmation from Cloud Coworking they will sponsor us with the most amazing view from Barcelona!

I have to apologize and thank all the special people who I interviewed and who worked with me in these projects for being SO patient.

So I invite you to check out all we did with so much love, just for you! And subscribe to our newsletter to keep getting some more goodies to inspire your career from now on..

I promise my Brazilian friends who don’t speak English yet, that the Portuguese versions will come soon…

Hope you enjoy them as much as I am enjoying preparing them for you 🙂

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