How Tarot Cards help me

How Tarot Cards help me

I was trying to remember the first time I played around with tarot cards and I think it was with my cousin Paula, when we were teenagers. She bought herself a deck of tarot cards and I enjoyed it when she drew them for me. She would ask me to think about a question I had in my mind and then we would both mentalize it and see which answer would come from the cards. It was such a fun and relaxing game.

Later, my sister also bought herself a deck and last time I was in Brazil and visited her, when I shared with her some personal things that I’d been struggling with she suggested we asked the cards, and again it was fun and relaxing. Even if the cards were not right, it relaxed my anxious mind to know it could be overthinking, as usual.

Sometimes they are right and sometimes they are not so right, but then again, there is no right or wrong. It all depends on how you look at things. Which perspective you take. After all, most of what happens with us, is a consequence of our decisions and we make decisions all the time that can impact our whole future. We just don’t want to, or can’t admit it at the time.

These past few months, there is a childhood friend of mine who I was talking to via FB messenger, because she lives in Canada and I live all over the place, so we always talk online, who offered to take a tarot card for a certain situation I shared with her. Since she was a little girl, she has been gifted in so many ways. She is a successful business person who has always been more “spiritually” oriented than most of us, if you know what I mean. And now she decided to explore some healing practices through massage, through meditation and through tarot cards.

Then we got into this vibe, she asked me for more information and when she took the cards I could not believe them. They were basically pictures of moments I had recently lived, like the picture you see in this article, of me and the elephant, was taken around 8 months before she took that card of the butterfly with the elephant. I could literally see myself in some of those cards and it was so comforting.

My anxious mind sometimes goes months ahead of my present and my daily meditation helps bring me back to my present, my gratitude, my breathing and being calm, but still, when I go through strong emotions, my mind just goes crazy. And when my anxiety gets together with my intuition… oh man! They can dance a “lambada” in my head and come up with some pretty interesting stories that I start believing in. So this is where the tarot cards come to comfort me, because they can bring in a totally different scenario to my story and it just shows me how silly I could be.

The fact that now I have another possible story for the questions in my mind just shows me how I should question my mindset and the truths that I come up with, so quickly, so often.

The tarot cards make mistakes as much as we do, I’m not saying you should trust them or depend on them to make your choices, that’s not healthy actually. I’m just saying it’s a way to question your own beliefs and mindset every once in a while. What if they are right? What if they are not?

The love and respect that the person who is taking the cards puts into this moment and practice and experience make a whole lot of difference. Also, the way they really study each card and offer the possible meanings, never affirming but just opening space to a new possibility, as we should always do I guess.

If you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you do. As I said, it’s a fun, comforting, “game” that can bring some interesting different perspectives to our narrow mindset.

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