A new “game” for my mind

a new game for my mind

A new “game” for my mind

Negative thoughts took control. Now what? A new “game” for my mind.

We already know that our minds usually control us. We usually have very little power over our thoughts, right? They just open the door and come in, without ringing the bell or asking for permission.

We also know how daily meditation is one of the “games” we can use to start changing that. By observing our thoughts, a few minutes each day, we slowly start controlling them. There is no better way to control something than observing it as closely as we can, right? That’s science.

For me, besides meditation, the daily game of journaling, transferring to words what’s in my mind, usually helps me get a lot of clarity and understanding of the situations I face in my life.

Also physical exercises, acupuncture, reiki, hugging trees… I’m always open to trying a new game that can help me control my mind. But sometimes, we are going through some big life challenges and even with all the healthy games we play, we can not help control our fear of what’s coming.

Well, I discovered, by accident, a few years ago, a new game for me, it’s doing tarot cards with a childhood friend. She lives in a country far away from me, and even remotely it is so helpful and fun. She has always been spiritually gifted, but only a few years ago she decided to explore how she could help others. She has a full time job, great career, so this is something she does as a hobby, for her family members or friends in her free time.

Whenever I feel like I’m needing some assistance and guidance, I contact her. It happens around once every three months. She doesn’t charge. She does it from her generous heart. I am not saying we should not trust those who charge, I’m just saying I’m lucky I found someone I know very well who does it for me as a gift, which makes it more special.

When we start, I don’t even have to tell her anything. We set a time to be entirely focused, via whatsapp or Skype, in a place outside near nature, or inside in a comfortable place with candles. It’s so much fun. Then she starts by tuning in with me and asking her “spiritual guides” to come and check on me, in general first. Then, little by little, she starts taking out these cards and we try to interpret their responses with the assistance of a book that explains each card. They have beautiful pictures with messages that she just reads for me.

She is only the medium to these messages that are coming from these guides, or angels if you prefer, that surround me and her. We create this opportunity for them to talk and analyze my situation. And it’s always magical for me. It’s amazing how these messages always bring a new perspective, I hadn’t yet seen. And the messages are never “yes or no”. Although the book brings an explanation of each card, we are the ones who need to interpret them based on our experiences. This time, for example, they told me, among many other things, to relax, that everything was ok, to keep taking action, with attention to my work projects. They told me to continue with music in my life (I’ve been taking guitar classes) and to continue vegetarian (I’ve been learning how to be vegetarian at home).

I’m not saying you should look for the first tarot card person that you can find. And unfortunately, my friend doesn’t do this commercially as I said. But I’m sure you, too, have other “resources” that you can find, like looking for a new book in a bookstore, or listening to a story in a podcast. Sometimes its just one sentence that someone says, that was meant for you to hear. Or someone new we meet. And it can bring you back to you positive state of mind. And then everything changes and starts working again. We just need to be open. And mindful. Of the messages the universe is trying to give us.

There is good and bad energy out there, what we need is to discover our “games” that help us tune our minds back to the good ones, right? Each person will discover their own ways, I’m just sharing a new one that has helped me in the last few years.

I noticed talking about this with some people that they didn’t have a good experience with Tarot because they fell into the trap of becoming addicted and put too much value on the cards, like they don’t trust anything or anyone else but that. Then, it’s not good. At all. It should be just one more thing to listen to, one more game to play, but we should always have our minds open to many resources and information, before we can filter them all with our common sense and real experiences. Let me know if you try it and if it works for you?

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