What do you want to do and accomplish in life?

What do you want to do and accomplish in life?

What do you want to do and accomplish in life? What is your purpose? These are questions asked in the book I’m reading now. Rather than “Who do you want to be?”.

According to the author, being has to do with your reputation, recognition, with the number of followers you have, with what people think of you, with promotions and titles. And doing has to do with asking yourself along your way, constantly: Does this help me do what I have set out to do? Is this serving my purpose or just me?

Here we go, I’ll answer these questions here. Hope maybe it encourages you to do the same over there?

What does Mari want to do and accomplish in life? I want to help as many people as I can, to be excited about their work, their business or their career. I want to help as many people as I can to feel free as I feel. Now that I discovered the benefits of working digitally. I want to share this message as much as possible.

I don’t need to be famous or rich. I have rich and famous friends and I kind of feel sorry for them at times, because they never know, for example, if a person is getting closer to them because of who they are or because of the fame or the money they got. They are constantly bombarded by interests of others. And I don’t agree with people putting God or Money as the ultimate saviors. We must save ourselves through planning our work and our actions. Not through our words, but plans and actions.

I know I’ve already created some impact on other people’s lives. The kids that I worked with in the slums in Brazil for ten years, my clients, my friends, my family. I am always trying to help them have better lives, and I know sometimes it works. I know how I feel when that happens and that’s the feeling I need to survive.

My ultimate dream is to have my own family, for me to love and protect. To help manage an orphanage, maybe even have my own, just to make sure these abandoned kids are safe and loved.

If I can help the world feel happier with what they do 80% of their time, which is work, have my own family and help more abandoned kids around the world feel they also have a family, I’ll have conquered my purpose and my mission in this life.

And you? Now that I’ve shared mine, please share yours? I’d love to hear it! 🙂

By the way, this book “Ego is the enemy” was written by Ryan Holiday, this young author who I admire so much. Each time I listen to an interview with him I admire him more.

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