Traveling Alone. A reminder of who we really are.

Traveling Alone. A reminder of who we really are.

I hadn’t traveled alone until I was thirty seven years old. What?! Yes, it’s true. I guess I was always either in a long relationship, or single, traveling with groups of friends, or with family. I just never thought about it. And no one ever told me it would be good for me.
So here I am, to tell you, that traveling alone has become one of the most precious, transformative things in my life. Specially when one is searching for clarity, self discovery and energy, to go through some transition phases in their life.
When we travel alone, it’s all about what “I” want to do, where I want to go, how long I want to stay, who “I” want to talk to and so forth. It seems basic, right? But for someone who never does it, it’s important to ask those questions and remind yourself of what your answers are, when it’s just you. Knowing who you are, makes you stronger.
Traveling around Thailand, for example, renting a scooter for 5 dollars a day and just riding anywhere I wanted in those beautiful islands, all by myself, feeling safe. The wind on my face, chosing which beach I wanted to explore, where I wanted to stop and work for a few hours, which food I wanted to eat, without having to negociate with anyone else was so important and liberating for me.
But be careful. As everything else in life that makes us feel good, it can be addictive. And sharing decisions with others is as important and precious. Once you get used to being alone and free, it can take more energy and patience to travel or be with others. Even if it’s “others” you love. So make sure you find some balance and appreciation for both things, cause traveling and sharing time with those you love and admire can be as important, to get to know yourself. The “others” can be our strongest “mirror”.
Now, after almost five years traveling alone around the world, I feel like I’ve never known myself as much as I do. And I’ve never felt so cured and ready to interact with others, because I am more conscious of the minimum I need to be me.
I’m about to start my own family and be a single mom, so all this individual freedom will be a good memory, for a while. Some close friends tell me they are worried about me, because I will suffer a lot going from one extreme to the other. But it feels great to know I enjoyed the most of it, while I could. And when I can travel again, with my child or friends or family, I will still try to find that balance to respect each other’s time out.
The power and magic of some time alone should always be included in our future plans. So we can be frequently reminded of who we really are.
If you haven’t traveled alone yet, please, do yourself and the ones around you a favor, just go! Even if all you can take is a weekend.
And let me know how it felt?
  • Pavel
    Posted at 22:12h, 26 April Reply

    Hi Mariana.
    I have travelled a lot in my life, for various purposes: professional, tourist, visiting friends or with my father as a child and teenager. I have gained all lines of experience and knowledge thanks to this. It won’t be an exaggeration if I say that made me, shaped me as I am. I travelled with friends, family, workmates, life partners of then and, to some degree, alone. Travelling alone I always missed someone to talk to, to share my ideas and opinions but I must admit: when you travel alone you travel faster and with more freedom, this is out of question. Since a couple of years I’m happily married and I travel with my wife whose experience in this field is much poorer. All the years of gaining my experience now serve as a background or base for me to be a guide to the person who I decided share it with. A few months ago we decided to settle in Valencia. This week, for instance, we are visited Barcelona. For me it is the forth time here but each time I see the city from different point of view. My answer to your question is: No, travelling alone and liking it is not bad. I think everybody should live this kind of experience. For me it was early years of my life 21-33 years old, since I started to work internationally very early. But for you it happened later, everyone has its own life path. I’m sure what you learn now will be sooner or later a base for sharing something valuable with someone. I think it is great to create your own world, among others by means of travelling too, and then share it with other person. I hope I have come up with something that would not bire you 🙂 Best reagards. Paolo.

    • Mariana Pimenta
      Posted at 08:21h, 27 April Reply

      That is a great story to hear Paolo. About the part you said of “missing someone to talk to, to share our ideas”, I must say that nowadays with internet and tools like whatsapp, facebook, and so forth, it’s much easier for us to share with those we love who aren’t there physically with us. Not the same thing, of course. But helps not to feel alone. Thank you and keep traveling with love!

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