Executive Business Coaching

For 28 years, my job has been to ask my clients and their teams powerful questions to help them think and create future possibilities for their professional development. I help them design a 5-year-plan and execute it weekly. My clients tell me they leave our sessions inspired to make decisions and take action toward their dreams and transformation. As a certified executive and business coach, I have helped over 600 executives from 19 countries, completing over 5000 hours of paid coaching. My average client review from the 5 platforms I have contracts with is 4.9 (out of 5). My biggest accomplishment: 76% of my coaching sessions have been rated Life Changing / Amazing by my executive clients in the last 12 months.



How satisfied are you with your Professional Life? How much balance do you have around other areas of life such as learning, creativity, self-care, relationship with others and yourself, family, etc? How much time are you investing in the seven pillars of energy(sleep, nutrition, movement, relationship, sunlight, cold exposure, breathing)? For us to start designing an action plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be in 5 years, we need to start answering questions like these.  


Do you have a one page simple business plan? Are you building this to sell? What is your  leadership style? How are you facing the difficult conversations you need to have? Are you building a strong team? Do you have a list of your responsibilities? Can you delegate 80% to take the helicopter view?  How effective are your meetings? How much focus time do you get each day? These are some of the questions we can navigate in biz coaching. I started my first business when I was 20 years old and it can feel lonely when you don´t have a coach. 


I invite all my executive clients to practice Public Speaking. Its one of the natural ways for a leader to retire. It has always given me a thrill. I have spoken to audiences of over 1000 people and it makes me feel alive, human and learning. Some of the topics I enjoy are Leadership, Energy Management, Future Design, Retirement Design, Distributed (remote) teams, Smart Recruiting, Diversity, Working parents, Nomadic families, among others. 

About me

My background is in Business Administration, People Management, Leadership, Education, Sales, Team Building, Networking and Communication. I get inspired by inspiring others to inspire others. I help my clients be better coaches and mentors for their teams. I invite them to ask more than tell, to wear their coach hats first and their mentor hats later.  Public speaking moves me. energy management and performance with work life balance.


As a digital nomad mom, I have been enjoying the freedom of working remotely since 2013 from different countries. I was born in Brazil, raised in the US and I live in Spain 8 months per year. I work in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


My work mission is to build a healthier work future by inviting executives and business leaders, via questions, to better themselves and their teams with more humanity, freedom, clarity and energy.


It’s hard to list all the organizations that I’ve coached in the last decade. But some of the latest ones have been Youtube, Amazon, Booking, Google, BNP Paribas, Ambev, JT International, Salesforce, Colgate, Twilio, Stanford, Dell, Blackrock, Amex, Visa, among others.