Your xmas gift. A friendly reminder. Review your year.

Your xmas gift. A friendly reminder. Review your year.

So, this is the last month of the year. Not sure what that really means but how about we go ahead and write a review of our year? Like we give a review on Airbnb or on Amazon. But this time we must be honest and wholehearted. And list the good and the bad. Because we know the bad teaches us exactly what we need to learn and ends up being good down the road.

I suggest we focus on the experiences instead of on the possessions. 


I’ll be inviting my Coaching Clients to do this exercise this week with me. And since I know most of us humans don’t find the time to do these important things, unless we are paying a coach to remind us, I came to remind you. Let’s just say it’s your xmas gift 🙂


You could start the exercise by setting your timer to 10 minutes and closing your eyes. Breathe. Relax. Just 10  minutes. You can do it. Notice your thoughts while they pop up, see and invite them to come back later. Breathe again. Softly..  Gently.. repeat..


Then, prepare some tea or coffee and have a seat. Make a list of the experiences you had this year. Let it flow. Even if something sounds kind of small, write it down. The small things in life are the big things anyway, right? List the things that made you smile or cry. I made one for People, one for Moments and one for Trips. But that’s what I value and live for. You’ll know how to divide your lists according to what you are looking for. Actually, I think I’m going to keep these 3 lists on my evernote for daily updates from now on 🙂  We must welcome and thank it all. That’s what we are made of. 


I even felt like writing or calling a few people after I made my list, to tell them how grateful I am for whatever it is we experienced together, big or small, professional or personally. I guess I prefer to do this than buying them a xmas gift 🙂


Have fun! And merry xmas!


PS: this video is the “xmas card”, ok? by filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg.


xmas card


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