From employee to independent worker

In today's work world, we need to be Independent. Even if we are an employee. Otherwise, we'll be dead soon.

From employee to independent worker

Can you acquire your own clients? Can you vary your sources of income? Are you an expert at what you do? Can you transition in and out of different formats of work contracts? How do (or would) you acquire new clients? Could your employer be your client? Who would you become solo? Do you need your company brand?

In today’s work world, we need to be Independent. Even if we are an employee. Otherwise, we’ll be dead soon. The work future belongs to those who can be independent, flexible, who can create their own personal brand, can sell what they produce (service or product), can self motivate and diversify their income, to name a few things. 

These are some of the questions we invite you to think about if you are thinking of ways of being more independent professionally. We’ve explored this, shared advantages and disadvantages and some tools to help you be more independent no matter how much experience you have in this webinar. Tools such as Meetup, Linkedin, GBO, Iglu, Fiverr, WordPress, Yoast, Zoom, InvoiceHome, Podcast, among others.
We’ve also shared facts such as:

  • 51% of freelancers would not go back to traditional work for any amount of money and 80% of large corporations plan to substantially increase their use of a “flexible” workforce according to Upwork.
  • according to the ONS, the largest number of self-employed overall aged self employed from 45 to 54. But the most rapid increase has occurred in self starters age 65 and above where the numbers have tripled between 2001 and 2016. 
  • 78% of gig workers say they’re happier than those working traditional jobs, while 68% say they’re healthier according to McKinsey.
  • 81% of full-time freelancers work as independents in order to be their own boss according to Statista. 
  • Independent professionals tend to be slightly older and better educated, more confident in the value of their skills, and have higher incomes 

The sooner anyone can demonstrate the ability to win and retain clients, the sooner they will take control in the new economy. Uber, AirBnB, Upwork, Fiverr.. allow anyone to feel the power of  independence without having to sell. It’s a first step, but, it’s not sustainable, they set the rates and own the client relationships. 
If you’re interested in becoming independent, make sure you get a professionally certified coach to keep you on track and performing your best, always. 


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