Why a Coworking??!! Really?

why a coworking? really?

Why a Coworking??!! Really?

I’m now working at Cloud Coworking here in Barcelona with this amazing view of Sagrada Familia on my left, Agbar tower on my right and I can even see a bit of the ocean on the right if I stand up from my desk. Don’t think I’ve ever been able to afford working with a view like this before in my life.

This is one of the million reasons I love working from coworkings. You get a package of benefits that you could never afford all by yourself.

You also get to network with some cool people who are all fortunate to work remotely as me, so they “speak the same language” as I do, professionally. Some work for companies that are already aligned with the digital future and others are self employed as me. Some arrive early in the morning, others in the afternoon and others at night. You get to choose the time of the day you are most productive, the desk you want, what time you want to eat, how many hours you want to work per day and so forth.

And you get to learn how to deal with your freedom and the discipline needed to achieve the results you wish.

I, for example, know I need to work at least 8 hours a day five times a week this year to triple my income. So if I don’t come 2 days in a row, I need to work 12 hours the following 2 days to make sure I reach my goals.

One thing I learned here in both coworkings I’ve joined in Barcelona is the value of the kitchen in a coworking. In the previous coworkings I joined in Thailand, Bali and Brazil they didn’t have a kitchen this big and this welcoming. Here at cloud, the biggest room is the kitchen. There, we have around 30 chairs around a huge table and comfortable sofa for 12 people. While some eat and chat, others take a nap on the sofa or call their friends.

No one speaks loudly in the working areas. If you need to do a call, you can use the kitchen, the terraza or the meeting rooms available for all people. If you need to have more privacy to get work done, you can rent a small office all for yourself.

They let me receive my guests for the meet up events I promote. For them it’s good advertisement and for me it’s great to have such a space to welcome people.

I find web developers, programmers, photographers, marketing experts, new friends, people for me to interview for my “exciting career podcast”, all in one place.

Another thing that I value is the 24 hour concept. This was pretty common in Asia but not in Brazil. Here at Cloud you get the key to come in any time, so I really enjoy having the option of stopping by on the weekends to work a bit. Last Sunday when I got here, I had the entire co-working all for myself and found an open bottle of delicious Spanish wine on the kitchen table that said “Please drink, we could not finish”. So after I finished my work, I sat on this amazing terraza and just enjoyed one of my “thank you universe” moments.

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