Choosing the perfect name for your Business and your Website.

Choosing the perfect name for your Business and your Website.

Dec 3, 2016, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Everyone struggles when it’s time to choose a name for their business, or should I say on their website? Even if you’re not yet interested in starting a business, wouldn’t it be a good idea to save a name for your own personal website, maybe with your name or,  somewhere you can collect and share things you like with your friends or clients?

Not to mention that when doing job interviews, if you show that you have a website, I guarantee that your chances of getting the job will exponentially grow. You become a more creative, updated, digital, organized, active person in the eyes of the recruiter. And who knows, if in the future you decide to finally have a side business, you would have saved that domain for as little as 7 euros per year.

Having the same name for your website and for your business would be ideal, right? For me, the easiest way to chose the name for a business is actually choosing the domain name first. Because you have to check which “.com” is still available for your niche. Even if you live in Spain, for example, you should get a “.com”. It’s stronger and will help you get found more easily. If you want to have a “.es”, that’s fine. Then get both.  You can very easily check which “.com” is available using Just type the keywords you’re thinking of and it will give you the available domains. After you choose, go to and register.

They say it’s got to be memorable, pronounceable, short, clever, easily spelled and suggest the nature of the commerce on your website.

For example, my website is hard to spell and too long. I later registered that has much more to do with the digital coaching services people hire me for today and is much easier to spell and remember, although still a bit long.

Here are the 8 rules Karl Kangur founder of follows for choosing the perfect domain name:

* It has to be clear and understood in a second
* It has to be brandable (think VS
* Keep it short (2-3 words maximum)
* Keep the name flexible, don’t limit yourself
* Only .com domains!
* Use a keyword in the name if possible
* Don’t overthink it, choose something!

By the way, you’ll be shocked if you look at the list of some of the highest prices paid for domain names. Some are being sold for over 35 million dollars! Some web businesses have other assets and are fully operating, profitable companies, not domain-only sales. Also, if you want more, here you can find another complete article with 37 other practical ways of monetizing.

Any thoughts on this would be highly appreciated, so feel free to comment and share 🙂

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