Feeling Free

Feeling Free

I have learned that one can be free in various ways. You don’t need to travel the world to feel free. You don’t need to be single to feel free. And you don’t need to avoid kids and family to be free. What you truly need is to do things that you enjoy and find time for yourself. You need to have a balance, a healthy routine that makes you feel good. It can be in Montreal, Sao Paulo, Fort Lauderdale, Barcelona, Chiang Mai, Sayulita, Uluwatu or Valencia. No difference. The more I travel, the more I learn, but it is relaxing to discover that even when we settle, we can still be free and enjoy all that we learned while flying.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Your only limitation would be good internet. Because you would need internet to work. You’ll have fun thinking about that and using Nomadlist, this website that helps you find the best place for you. After you get there, how long would you stay? Those used to be the two questions that were always in my mind during the four years I was nomadic, traveling the world, moving from country to country when my tourist visa kicked me out. Should I just cross the border and come back here since I’m enjoying it so much, to deepen my friendships and cultural experience or should I go ahead and explore somewhere new while I can?

I’d never felt so free. This is what I had dreamed of for many years. Having a career that allows me to live anywhere I want and take my clients with me in my lap top. How good is that?

Right now I’ve just settled in Valencia, Spain. Having lived in several countries of four different continents, I was missing having my house, my furniture, my community and I was tired of planning my next move.

Too much freedom can start taking too much of your thoughts and time. Spending hours looking at Nomadlist, Skyscanner, Google Maps, Agoda, Idealista, Airbnb or Hostelworld and thinking where, when and how we should go, can get tiring. So I realized its also a good thing to get tired of this after a while. It means it’s time to slow down and reflect on what you learned in all those places and most importantly, what you learned about yourself.

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