A talk with my Dad

A talk with my Dad

Today my dad would be turning 68 if he hadn’t passed away a bit over 10 years ago. How I wish I could have a talk with him like we used to do on saturday afternoons sitting by the pool at Minas Tennis Club, this sports club I grew up in practicing sports and socializing.

If I sat with him by that swimming pool this afternoon, he’d order his beer, open his newspaper and I’d tell him about my life. I think he’d love to hear that I’ve managed to find a way to work from wherever I want around the world. He’d be the first one to come visit me in Thailand or in Spain and I’d be insanely happy to show him around. There is no question he’d be up to finding a way to work online, like me and come travel with me for a while. The hard thing would be convincing my mom to come along. Lol

I’m not sure where he is and what he is doing, but whatever it is, I’m sure it’s a good thing for him and for those around him. Cheers papai!!! Happy birthday! I love you forever!

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