My mom & Love

My mom & Love

If I had to think of a single lesson, the biggest one, my mom taught me, it would be “how to love”. She always taught us to love and always showed us that if we love, everything else becomes small.

They say we learn from actions and not from words. If there’s one thing my mother showed us how to do, it is to give and receive love.

Whether in her relationship with my father, or stopping to watch a beautiful flower on the way, or picking up an old piece of wood she found in the street to transform it into an art piece later with all her creativity, or teaching her students, or preparing cheese bread and coffee for whoever visits her, or preparing special breakfasts for us on our birthdays with all that we love, or the way she speaks of my dad with her eyes full of tears, even after 10 years of his death.

When I meet people with difficulty to love on my way, I always think that they may not have had the privilege to have a teacher like mine. And that helps me understand and forgive. I was lucky.

When I think of the reasons why I would like to be a mother, she has such an important role. I want, for example, to learn how not to be selfish, putting myself in second place, for my kids, as she has always done for us.

Thank you Mom, for giving me my life and for filling it up with love!

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