The best picture for your Linkedin profile

The best picture for your Linkedin profile

Choosing the The best picture for your Linkedin profile is very important. Looking clean, healthy and professional creates a good first impression. As Malcolm Gladwell’s second book, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, shows us on the power of first impressions, “our talent for making such immediate judgments is largely unknowable”, but it’s there.

First, you want to be dressed as you work, so if you’re a lawyer that works in a Law Firm, you probably want to be wearing a suit and tie. If you’re an athlete or a freelancer, you probably want to be more relaxed, wearing just a shirt. If you work remotely, online, you could even have a lap top in an outdoor coffee shop in front of you. If you’re a health coach, you should be wearing your workout clothes. And if you’re into marketing and art, your picture could be more creative. So you get the idea.

Second, remember that pictures that are taken out in day light always turn out better and show our faces better, creating more trust , a healthier look and giving a sense of  what you really look like. It could be a selfie that you take by the office window. No need to be in a studio or spend too much time with this, just a simple, day light, dress accordingly, healthy face picture.

Third, if possible, choose a background that isn’t distracting, as this article mentions. Finding a lightly patterned wall, like a brick wall, for example, for a natural contrast can help.

Save the pictures you took at night at a bar or at the beach in t-shirts and shorts for your FB, please.

Last, the picture should show a bit of your upper body and not only your head, to look more professional. So your face will be taking like 60% of the space you have.

Good luck! And make sure you check *the best headline for your Linkedin profile.

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