ICP 022 David Ortega and Mari talk about Blockchain. He explains how he became an expert, got contracts w/ clients as big as Barcelona soccer team and has hired a team of 14 so far.

“I don’t think [blockchain] will be the new internet. It will help build a new internet (…) more user-oriented, where the user will be more in control.”
David is the founder of DekaLabs and Dekachain, where they develop high-quality apps, Blockchain, FinTech and Smart contracts. Working with companies from all around the world, based in Valencia, Spain, he tells us the story of how he decided to take a big cut in his salary to work with a startup that was doing what he wanted to do.

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We Talk About

[1:18] How David started consulting on blockchain completely by accident
[3:28] What is ICO.
[7:19] Learning about blockchain by himself.
[9:19] Is it too late to get into bitcoins?
[14:03] Smart contracts. Public and private keys. And some other basic concepts in this technology.
[18:07] Practical uses of blockchain. Personal data protection, Healthcare, DNA, Supermarket, Environmental protection, etc. Challenges ahead for individuals and companies.
[26:46] Comparing blockchain to other technologies.
[27:54] His career. How he built and manages a remote team. Past experiences working with maps, shipments, and startups.
[32:53] Getting to work with the Barcelona FC and other with other big companies all around the world.
[35:23] Suggestions to be happy with our careers.
[36:37] Where to meet entrepreneurs in Valencia. Working with startups. App for boxing.
[38:44] Some are concepts you should know about blockchain like hash and nodes.
[41:57] Coworking spaces in Valencia.
[43:48] What David looks for when hiring a new team member. How he sees his company in five years. Tools he uses.
[45:26] “creating a school in Valencia around blockchain, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc.”


[7:57] “If you want to go faster, a course may help, but you can learn on your own.”
[11:12] “It is clear that the main keywords are decentralization and trust. They go hand by hand.”
[11:23] “You don’t have to trust a person. You have to trust the technology.”
[20:23] “Each of us will be able to lock and unlock part of our entire medical records to doctors or hospitals. Blockchain enables you to manage your permissions.”
[26:06] “The most important thing in blockchain is the personal identity.”
[27:03] “I don’t think [blockchain] will be the new internet as somebody said. I think it will help build a new internet (…) more user-oriented, where the user will be more in control.”
[37:38] “Accelerators are open to knowing people because you can help them or they can help you, it’s an ecosystem.”


David Ortega company, Dekalabs
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