ICP 023 Andrew McBurney, SEO specialist, helps local businesses rank better on Google.

Andrew helps local businesses in Canada rank better on Google.

I met Andrew in our coworking in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He worked next to me and gave me some useful SEO tips, so I decided to call him and get some more tips to share with you guys!

He founded www.mcburneymarketing.com to have more freedom. He tells us why he went to C.Mai and how he met one of the best SEO communities there. Back in Canada, with his own SEO agency, he now serves a well-defined niche of local businesses.

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We talk about

[0:50] Why Andrew left his 9-to-5 and spent some time in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
[5:40] What a Search Engine Optimization specialist does. Three ways to appear in Google’s first page.
[6:43] Back in Canada, working with other freelancers for a specific niche of local businesses.
[12:48] What is needed for a blog to rank better. Thoughts on consistency.
[16:22] Signals for Google that you are worth talking about.
[18:15] About SEO plugins for WordPress. Yoast SEO, Keywords Everywhere, and others.
[20:35] Free tools one can use
[24:05] The importance of Keywords lists. Finding the balance between keyword research and content writing.
[28:28] Tools to evaluate your blogs (SEO audits)


[24:25] “What really comes down to is just having high-quality content.”

[5:06] “(in Chiang Mai), it’s easier to find like-minded people especially with that entrepreneurial not-so-normal by society standard mindset.”

(37:15) (about being self-employed) “I recommend this, I didn’t hate my old job (…), the headaches these days are much greater (…) but they are more fun and challenging and I enjoy it even more”

[8:00] “SEO is generally a pretty long commitment. (…) doing it all by yourself isn’t really feasible.”


Andrew McBurney on LinkedIn

Andrew McBurney company, McBurney Marketing

Andrew McBurney company, My Market Inspector

[2:33] Chris the Freelancer

[2:50] Matt Diggity

[4:48] Punspace

[6:08] Google AdWords

[11:25] Mari’s article From a digital nomad life to single motherhood. What a journey.

[12:25] Yoast SEO

[12:45] Bridge WP theme

[14:44] LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing

[17:40] LinkedIn Pulse

[21:10] Keywords Everywhere

[21:15] Ubersuggest

[21:30] Ahrefs

[21:30] SEO PowerSuite

[21:30] SpyFu

[23:20] SEMrush

[23:50] Neil Patel

[29:07] Screaming Frog

[31:35] Google Search Console

[36:04]  Facebook Groups: Chiang Mai SEO, SEO Signals Lab.

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