Profit with Webinars

Profit with Webinars

According to experts like John Lee Dumas, Rick Mulready and Amy Porterfield, WEBINARS are known for being tool #1 to generate automated and quality income to your business. And they’ve tried several tools and are willing to share a bunch of their secrets with you.

At Maxi, we did our first webinar  a few months ago, just to help some of our clients with the topic “how to be a digital nomad” and we were totally surprised with the results.  We never expected to get any clients from it, and we did, many.

So we’ve decided to spend more time and energy in building more webinars for you and to teach you how to prepare your own webinar to attract more profit into your business. We’ll be sharing our experiences and best materials along the way.

We actually will include the “Profit with Webinars” episode into our online webinar course, so subscribe to our “free tips” and stay tuned.

Here, I’ve selected 5 links to get you started thinking about how your businesses can profit from it, too.

1- An article written by Rick Mulready on how to use streaming webinars and paid traffic to automate your business.

2- An example of a webinar on by Amy Porterfield who is an expert

And the link to a 3-part mini-series about using webinars and paid traffic to grow your business, 30 minutes each part, with 3 experts:

3- part 1 with Rick Mulready

4- part 2 with John Lee Dumas

5- part 3 with Amy Porterfield

Also, this hubspot link with “10 things for your webinar planning list”might be useful.

Again, you’ll be amazed of how much free information is out there for us to listen to while you do our daily physical exercise. Or the dishes. Or take a shower 🙂

I’d be great if you could share with us your favorite links and thoughts below.

See you on our next webinar!

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