Finding a “twist” to what you do and going digital

Finding a “twist” to what you do and going digital


The more I think about my work format, the more I need to remind myself it is not a dream. Oh my God! I have found a way to do what I love, dressed as I want, from where I want, sitting on my work desk, on my bed or at the beach, being so fully present with each of my clients. Today one of them told me that our meetings can be more “real” than any other face-to-face meetings he has. And… I get payed the same way and spend less do to this.

I am now in Brazil, in my hometown, where I came to celebrate  my 40th birthday with family and friends. When they ask me what I am doing, and how I manage to be visiting so many countries in the past years and I tell them I have an online coaching business, I can see it in their faces that they can’t truly get it. From what I have seen around the world, people in many countries haven’t yet discovered the joys of working online. The more conservative and traditional the society, the  fewer online entrepreneurs.

I was talking to a lawyer friend of mine once and she was asking me about my work. She told me she wished she could do the same, but as a lawyer, there was no way for her to do this. I tried to tell her that she could, maybe with a different “twist” to the traditional way things have been done by lawyers in the past decades. That this could even bring her more clients that would appreciate having meetings with her from their homes and she could have clients from all over instead of only from our town, but she laughed and insisted I was going a bit too far, that lawyers have to be present, have to visit the judge, have to go to trials. I felt bad that I couldn’t make her see what I was seeing. I don’t think that she needs to do all that to be considered a good professional. She can chose parts of it, that she likes to do, and can transfer to other people in her team the other parts. Or she can create a business such as “Legalzoom” or ““ where she can give consultations online and share information about specific areas.

What I am trying to say is that any professional can find a cool twist to what they do if they want to go online and have the freedom to work from anywhere.

This is the future and those that can not see it now, will end up joining the rest in the future anyways. It’s just a matter of time and acceptance.  So why not start now, with a “plan b”, a fun project of “how can you do your work online” and be ahead?

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