Nomad Summit Chiang Mai 2016

Nomad Summit Chiang Mai 2016

This weekend I attended the Nomad Summit here in Chiang Mai with 200+ other digital nomads from all over. We were 5 Brazilians total and Marcus Lucas represented Brazil with a great speech. I wish to see more of my people in these gatherings soon.

It was my first DN Conference, hopefully of many yet to come. I enjoyed the format with a diverse group of speakers sharing their stories, the tickets at very affordable prices and sponsors investing in the potential of this revolutionary group of people that keeps growing exponentially, specially in this side of the world (South East Asia).

I had a chance to learn from Digital Nomads like Sam Marks, Founder of Coworker, who built his last company and sold it for $100 million when he was mid twenties and traveling the world. Got to interview him on the ECPodcast and learn a bit more about his story.

Or like Dylan Basile and Joe Lannen, who built their Social Enterprise Treetribe and plant 10 trees for each pair of bamboo sun glasses they sell.

I spoke with Ozzi Jarvinen, founder of Iglu, who I later interviewed in my podcast “Exciting Careers”, about how they help DN establish their businesses in Thailand to get all the support and even the work permit they need. 

I am now convinced I will put some time and energy into organizing a Digital Business Conference somewhere. I wanted to do it first in Brazil, but things in Brazil with our economy and politics are a bit complicated and I’m not too excited about spending a lot of time there now, so maybe I should start with one here in Spain? 🙂  

I’ve connected with so many people that I would like to bring to share their stories of excitement and freedom. I invited Cody McKibben, cofounder of Nomad Summit, founder of Thrilling Heroics, who I later also interviewed in the ECPodcast, to help me organize it when the time comes sharing what they are learning from these conferences 🙂

Hopefully with the work I’ve been putting into sharing information through the Podcast, the Courses and the Career Coaching, more and more Brazilians and Spaniards will be able to break free to work and fly like us. Cause these two countries where I spend time each year are still very much in the “job in a cubicle culture”. Hopefully they too, will wake up for the “self employed”, “remote”, “digital” work future.

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