Mari talks to Tan Dhammavidu, one of the most respected foreign monks in Thailand

Mari talks to Tan Dhammavidu, one of the most respected foreign monks in Thailand

Meet Tan Dhammavidu, one of the most respected foreign monks in Thailand
Right after I finished my last 6 day silence retreat in Dipabhavan Meditation Center in Koh Samui island, Thailand, a couple of months ago, I got to talk with T. Dhammavidu and T. Cithapon, two of their monks. I filmed the video with my cell phone so can see that through my youtube channel. Or, if you prefer just audio, while you workout at the gym or commute to work,  you can go to the complete talk here Exciting Career Podcast on your phone. 
Dhammavidu, which means revealer of Dharma, is originally from England. He explains to me how he became a monk “by accident”, how the digital world is already challenging the monks, the reasons why they have to give up most of their “excitements” in life such as playing music, having sex, eating yummy food, the difference the western impact has made in the life and customs of Thailand in general, among many other things I asked him about.
For 23 years he has given the Meditation and Dharma instruction at Suan Mokkh International Dharma Hermitage, the famous meditation centre in Surat Thani, Southern Thailand. Presently he is providing the same service at Dipabhāvan Meditation Center.
I hope this conversation inspires you to start doing meditation and going to silence retreats because this has really changed my life in ways I can’t even describe. Basically, it took me almost 40 years to discover I had no idea how to breathe and how I could use that for developing my mental control and consequently for discovering who I really am. If you want some tools to help you, check out this post I made. 
“I just felt the need to do something I’d never done before. And it was strong enough to change my life completely”  30:16

Links Mentioned in the conversation:

Calm App 


binaural beat CDs can help you experience enhanced mental, physical, and emotional states

–  Sam Harris neuroscientist 

Dhammavidu’s personal website w/ more information on him and his work

Dhyana – deep meditation experience one should not talk about
– Phavarana  – tradition of monks of gathering to complain about each other
– Sam Harris neuroscientist
– little book, “getting started in mindfulness w. breathing”, that helped Mari with breathing technique
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