Silence Retreat #2 at Koh Samui island

Silence Retreat #2 at Koh Samui island

Think about a beautiful farm with a forrest of coconut and palm trees on a hill in an island in Thailand, with a soft breeze, various types of birds singing, squirrels and roosters jumping from tree to tree. Ocean views. And at night, crickets and frogs play a loud orchestra while a multicultural group of people who came from all over the world, sit crossed legged by a candle light in a meditation hall, with at least one big thing in common… the desire to quiet their busy minds and discover a better version of themselves.

You get to listen and pay attention to nature as never before because it is forbidden to talk! All you can do is listen. And breathe. Listen. Breath. And breathe. Watch your thoughts come and go, and notice how they give space, little by little, day after day, to an emptier and calmer, healthier, more concentrative mind.

With no cell phones, lap tops nor “to do” lists. Your only agenda is to “let go”, disconnect yourself from the outer world, look inside, to learn a little more.

And when you start letting go, you discover that the best place you’ve ever been is inside yourself. And you can get there without any money, apps, drugs or politics. Actually, the less of all that, the easier it is to get there. All you need is to breathe and be mindfully present.

And after it’s over and you can finally talk, you find out how much in common you have with those “strangers” who you meditated and silenced with. No matter where they’re from, China, Brazil, Germany, US, Mexico, Australia or Thailand, we’re connected in so many ways, in what we are searching for in life.

That’s what my second silence retreat was like… can’t wait for the third one next year!

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